Local Volunteers


Gençsen enables European and local youth to get together in our organisation and engage with each other and local kids. Since its creation, it aims to create safe and free spaces where youth can get together, learn, and practice sports. The organisation's main objective is to promote social inclusion and integration by working together with youth, teachers, and sports trainers.

Local Volunteers have a crucial role in the Gençsen daily activities. They work at the side of the Gençsen team and the ESC Volunteers. 


Key Responsibilities

  • Support Gençsen team in planning the weekly activities, daily administration of the organisation, and filing the relevant documents for the projects;

  • Support ESC volunteers during the activities at schools; 

  • Spread awareness about EU opportunities, European Solidarity Corps, and Erasmus+ Programs.



The most important qualities of our volunteers have to be the willingness to operate in an international context, enthusiasm, and open-mindedness. Volunteers have to be available for at least 2 days per week.

Furthermore, volunteers are preferred to:

  • be university students;
  • have at least a B1 level of English.


Even though this is an unpaid position, volunteering at Gençsen offers a great opportunity to approach NGOs' work, learn about the internal administration of the organisation, and get in touch with International Volunteers.